Patriotic Pinwheels

Let your child give this easy project a whirl.


Hi. My name is Eva. And today, we're making a fun summer pinwheel. In order to make your in wheel, you'll need these supplies: Scotch tape, stickers, scrapbooking paper, a pencil, hole punch, brass paper fastener, scissors, and a ruler. In order to make your pinwheel, which we're doing ours as a festive patriotic pinwheel for 4th of July, but you can make this any color, you just pick out your favorite scrapbooking paper. We're going to use our designed paper first. So what you're going to do is choose which side you would like and take a ruler, and we're going to mark 8 inches on both sides. Now you can ask your child to cut along the lines. If they're a little younger, you can help them out by cutting it for them. Once you have your square cut out, we're going to fold from corner to corner. So, just ask your children to touch each corner and make a triangle. Now, open it back up. Turn it and do it to the other side. Now, what we're gonna do is measure an inch from the center on each line. Have your child take the scissors and cut each line until you see your ruler mark. Now, after it is cut, we're just gonna fold it right back in half and what you wanna do is punch a hole right where the X meets in the middle right at the little fold here. I'm just gonna punch a little bit of the hole, not too big, but enough to pass a brad through it. And then, you're going to pick a corner to start with and you're gonna punch a hole at the-- at the edge of each piece of paper. Now, take your hole punch and have them punch out little holes. Now, we're going to take our brass paper fastener and we're going to start putting each corner with the hole into the middle and overlap them. Now that you have all of your corners gathered, you're going to put your paper fastener through them. Turn it over and help them pull down the little tabs. This is going to keep your pinwheel together while we make the handle. Grab your plain piece of paper and we're going to fold it in half. Open and cut along the lines. Get some scotch tape and be ready because you're going to have to tape it together. So, we're just going to roll it up. And what I like to do is I like to take a pencil and use that to roll. Once it's rolled, you can just drop the pencil out and use scotch tape to keep it secured. Now that you have your handle ready, you can kind of squeeze one end together and punch a hole. Grab your pinwheel. Open up the little handles and pass it through the handle. Now that you have it all secured, you can cover up your tape or anything else with some little festive stickers. And there you have your festive little summer pinwheel.

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