July 4th Patriotic Pops

Instructions for making a fruity Fourth of July treat.


Hi. I'm Debbie Way from FamilyFun Magazine, and I'm gonna show you how to make patriotic pops, a healthy and refreshing treat for your Fourth of July barbeque. To make them, you'll need 1-inch thick slices of watermelon and apple, blueberries, a large and a small star-shaped cookie cutter, bamboo skewers, and straws. Use the larger cookie cutter to cut a star from the watermelon. Then cut out the center with the smaller cutter. Use the same cookie cutter to make a small star from an apple slice. Carve a small hole from the center and pop in a blueberry. Place the apple star inside the watermelon. Then insert a skewer through the pieces and slip a straw over the skewer. Now watch your family reach for the stars.

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