19 Hanukkah Songs for Kids

Fill your Hannukah music playlist with these family-friendly songs for a festive eight days and nights.

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Hanukkah is spread out over eight days so there's plenty of time to sing, dance, and enjoy festive music. The best Hanukkah songs for kids are fun and upbeat, but still manage to convey the importance of the holiday. Some songs help kids understand the miracle that's celebrated during Hanukkah, while others teach about the resiliency of the Jewish people.

Looking to create a Hanukkah playlist of your own? We rounded up our favorites songs for parents and kids.

Traditional Hanukkah Songs

You might remember singing some of these songs at school and at home in the run-up to Hanukkah. They're classics for a reason, so play them for your own kids to continue the tradition!

Modern Hanukkah Songs

These contemporary Hanukkah songs will interest older kids, as they sound more like modern tunes rather than old-fashioned holiday music.

Singalong and Action Hanukkah Songs

Little kids will love these action songs, which bring the story of Hanukkah alive through music and dance. They might even teach the moves to friends and family!

The latkes are frying in the pan, hurrah, hurrah!
The latkes are frying in the pan, hurrah, hurrah!
And when they have cooked up nice and brown,
We'll take them out and sit right down
And we'll eat those yummy latkes on this Hanukkah night!

Hanukkah DIY Dreidels
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Educational Hanukkah Song

Hanukkah commemorates an important historical period, and it celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem after it was taken by oppressors. These songs help to impart knowledge about the Festival of Lights in an upbeat, interesting way.

Funny Hanukkah Songs

Sometimes you just want to giggle with your kids! When that happens, press play on these funny Hanukkah songs that will have the whole family chuckling.

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