Your Great Halloween Ideas

candy corn
Here are a few of our favorite reader ideas for celebrating the spookiest season

Make a "Pumpkin Pie"

My 8-year-old, Anabelle, and I love to create jack-o'-lantern pizzas for Halloween by cutting up pepperoni and arranging the pieces into a face. For a finishing touch, we add a green-pepper stem. --Heather Humrichouse, Meridian, ID

Branch Out With Halloween Decorations

Every year, I make felt ornaments from photos of my kids in their Halloween costumes. I hang the ornaments, along with those from past years, on a "Halloween tree" (branches secured in a heavy bucket). The kids are always thrilled to see how much they've grown and to remember their old costumes. For our annual Halloween party, I replace the kids' pictures with pictures of past party attendees. --Laurie Williams, Hazlehurst, MS


A Fairy Clever Candy Solution

Two days after Halloween, we are visited by the Halloween Fairy, who swaps a long-awaited book or another treat for the rest of the kids' candy. Because we talk beforehand about the fairy's visit, the kids expect her and enjoy the new read. --Angie Best-Boss, New Palestine, IN

Originally published in the October 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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