Get instructions for how to pull together this very punny costume.
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when pigs fly costume
Credit: Chris O'Shea

What You'll Need

Elastic ribbon, needle, thread, scissors, light- and dark-pink felt, fabric glue, pink chenille stems, safety pin, pink all-in-one

Make It


1. Stretch the elastic band to fit around your child's head and stitch it closed to that circumference.

2. Cut out the large pig ears from light-pink felt.

3. Cut out the inner ears from dark-pink felt and glue them to the large ears.

4. Sew a stitch at the bottom of each ear (attaching both sides) to gather them at the bottom.

5. Attach ears to the elastic ribbon with a few stitches.


1. Twist two or three chenille stems together.

2. Twist them around a cylindrical object to form a spiral.

3. Safety pin to all-in-one.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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