Spider Hoodie

Turn a black hoodie into a creepy, leggy spider with our easy costume directions!


You will need: scissors, serrated knife, double-stick indoor carpet tape, black elastic cord, black hoodie & black backpack, two 2-inch & one 3-inch Styrofoam balls, acrylic paint, tacky glue, 4 black trouser socks, colored felt, crumpled-up paper, black duct tape, fiberfill, and paintbrush. Cut the balls in half. Paint them and let them dry. Attach the eyes with carpet tape. Stuff the socks with fiberfill. Tape them to the backpack straps. Tie elastic cords to the legs, and to the arms of the hoodie. Stuff the backpack with crumpled paper. Cut out a head from the felt. Attach to the pack with carpet tape. Wear with black leggings and shoes. 

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