editors taste-tested the new Halloween-themed Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino. The verdict: It's kind of scary. 


Halloween excitement is at its peak here at the office, and we all have our share of zombie-like Monday mornings—so when we saw our Instagram feeds lighting up with pics of a limited-time-only Halloween drink—the Zombie Frappuccino from Starbucks—we had to try it. (After all, who can foget the frenzy over the Zombie Frap's cuter cousin, the Unicorn Frappuccino?).

But let's just say it was...kinda frightening. As far as appearances go, the green drink, drizzled with a (blood-like?) purple syrup and topped with a purple whip cream "brain" certainly fits the zombie bill. It's as if our beloved frappuccino is sporting a spooky costume for the season. No wonder the drink has even gotten buzz from the hit TV series The Walking Dead.

One sip of the Zombie Frappuccino and the suspense rises: Is that coffee? Caramel? Maybe a hint of banana? What's going on here?!

The drink is overwhelmingly sweet. The frappucino includes the normal mix of ice, milk, and creme frappuccino syrup—but we're not fans of the addition of a "zombie mocha drizzle" and "green caramel apple powder." The concept is appreciated, but the overhaul of "fall flavors" didn't satisfy our taste buds going down, and lingered with an unwelcome artificial aftertaste. One saving grace: the whipped cream topping takes like whipped cream.

The 190-calorie, $5 tall Zombie Frappuccino is on sale until Halloween if you want to taste (or just Instagram) the concoction yourself. We'll see if the Zombie Frappuccino is successful enough to rise from its grave next year.