Halloween Treat: House on Witch Cupcake

Directions for decorating a cupcake to look like it's a house that's fallen on a witch.


Wicked tasty witch. You will need: baked cupcakes, chocolate frosting, chocolate graham crackers, white chocolate, black licorice, starburst candies, and sandwich bags. Frost the cupcakes with frosting. Halve two graham crackers diagonally. Frost short sides of crackers. Press long sides into the cupcake. Add graham cracker squares to finish roof. Cut licorices into thirds. Use frosting to add 1/2 inch licorice section to roof. Snip a corner of sandwich bag containing melted white chocolate. Drizzle chocolate across licorice. Mold softened starburst into boot shapes. Arrange legs under cupcake and add boots.

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