Halloween Cupcakes



-You're watching Real Moms, Real Moments on Parents TV. From the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens in Minneapolis, here's Juli Auclair. -Hi, everybody. Who doesn't love Halloween? Well, today's Real Mom sure does and her 4 kids are thrilled that she can rock out on stage and still have time to bake up some spooky Halloween treats. -I'm Holly Resnick. I'm a real mom and I have four kids. My oldest is Kyle, he's 11. Then Riley, 10, Irelyn, 9, and the baby Kalthan is 5. Singing definitely is my passion. It sort of nurtures my soul and it's me being expressive and I love to do it for me. Since my kids are so passionate about Halloween, today, they're gonna make something incredible Halloween cupcakes. Today, we're making spooky holiday treats. And we're having some friends over later and we're gonna share our Halloween treats for them too. We chose this recipe because it's really straight forward. It doesn't look too complicated and it'll be fine 'cause the kids can help me do it. You guys have to help me 'cause cooking is a team effort, right? -Yeah. -Okay. So, this recipe is really easy because the batter, the mix is already put together for you. So, you just add oil and water and mix in some eggs. Kyle, cracked the eggs and they had fun mixing and then you just pour it into a little cupcake tins, put it in the oven and in no time at all we have these awesome cupcakes that are ready to decorate. Okay. Here comes the fun part. We get to decorate them. -Cool. -To make these cupcakes you had to have orange frosting and green frosting. And so, you probably don't make every color frosting but it was fun to teach the kids that you can mix different colors of food coloring to create orange and green frosting. So, we did that, mixed it up and we're ready to decorate our witches and our spider cupcakes. For the witch's hat, you can make a little triangle out of these licorice pieces. -It's decorating something and creating sort of a masterpiece that at the end you get to eat. -Riley, that looks so great. It's time for our party. -Trick or treat. -Hi. Very good treat, come in for the party, come on. It went great that the kids had a great time mixing and pouring and decorating and I think they actually turned out much better than I thought they would. They looked like spiders and witches. It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out and of course, they were delicious. Cheers. Good cupcake. -Yeah. -Yeah. Good job. -Ready to make spooky holiday treats like this real mom? Visit bakelifesweeter.com for these recipes and more.

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