Quick and Easy Pumpkin Craft: Black Cat Pumpkin

Turn a small pumpkin into a cute black cat with no carving (and no mess!).


[MUSIC] Black Cat Pumpkin. You'll need: Tacky glue, oatmeal canister, scissors, black, yellow, and pink card stock, black marker, silver marker, pencil, small pumpkin, and duct tape. Cover the canister with black paper. Lightly draw an arm and leg. Cut them out. Trace those shapes and cut them out. Draw a tail and cut it out. Cut out pink paw pads. Glue them to the arms. Draw toe lines on the feet. Glue pieces to the canister. Draw and cut out an ear shape. Trace it and cut out a second ear. Attach with duct tape. Cut out eye shapes from yellow paper. Add pupils. Draw and cut out a mouth shape. Cut six strips for whiskers. Cut a pink nose. Glue on whiskers. Attach the features with glue. Place the head on the body. 

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