17 Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Get excited for October 31 with these cute Halloween coloring pages for kids and toddlers. 

Ghost Halloween Coloring Page for Kids
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Spooky Bats

Halloween Bat Coloring Page

Let your little one color these bats however they want. They can also decide whether the bats turn into blood-sucking vampires!

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Frankenstein and Vampire

Frankenstein and Vampire coloring page

Nothing says Halloween like Frankenstein and vampires.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween coloring page

This "Happy Halloween" coloring page is cute rather than scary.

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Graveyard Scene

Halloween Graveyard Coloring Page

This haunted graveyard could use some color!

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Trick-or-Treat Coloring Page

This pumpkin is overflowing with delicious candy! The printable Halloween coloring page will definitely get your child excited for trick-or-treating.

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Halloween Cat Coloring Page

Halloween Cat Coloring Page

This fuzzy black cat is too cute to be bad luck.

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Frightening Ghoul

Boo Ghost Halloween Coloring Page

Color in this silly ghoul, then decorate your house with the finished product.

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Haunted House

Haunted House Coloring Page

Do you see the ghost in the window of this free Halloween coloring page?

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Spider Web

Spider Web Halloween Coloring Page

Real-life spiders may be frightening, but your kid can make this one look goofy with pops of bright colors.

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Witch and Ghost

Witch and Ghost Halloween Coloring Page

Color in two iconic figures—a witch and a ghost—with this easy Halloween coloring page.

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Festive Letters

Happy Halloween Coloring Page Letters

This "Happy Halloween" coloring page is perfect for older kids, who can expertly navigate between the thin lines.

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Frankenstein's Lair

Frankenstein Coloring Page for Halloween

Friendly Frankenstein needs some color—and so does his spooky dwelling.

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Mysterious Welcome

Welcome Halloween Coloring Page

Welcome trick-or-treaters with this scary Halloween coloring page for kids.

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Halloween Witch Coloring Page

Witch Halloween Coloring Page

As this witch can probably attest, Halloween is the perfect night for a broom ride.

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Printable Boo Sign

Boo Halloween Coloring Page for Kids

Scare away ghosts and goblins with a bright-colored BOO sign.

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Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Halloween Coloring Page for Kids

Looking for a Halloween pumpkin coloring page? This one displays the coolest squash in the patch.

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Trick-or-Treating Ghost

Ghost Halloween Coloring Page for Kids

Even ghosts love candy, as evidenced by this cute Halloween coloring page.

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