Turn your home into a spot for spooky fun this Halloween with party ideas for kids of all ages. Find fun activities, decorating ideas, and party foods to make your planning easy.

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Pre-Candy Halloween Dinner Ideas
Invite a few friends over for an easy—and tasty— Halloween feast before the kids head out. They’ll be fueled up and ready to run, run, run!
11 Easy Halloween Treats for School
Figuring out what to bring to a Halloween class party doesn't have to be scary. Here are some easy (and spooky) snack and craft party ideas that won't leave you feeling like a zombie.
Halloween Treat: House on Witch Cupcake
Directions for decorating a cupcake to look like it's a house that's fallen on a witch.
Halloween Treat: Savory Owl Snack
Directions for making a cute owl snack that's made from crackers, cream cheese, almonds, and raisins.
Halloween Kid Craft Paper Cat
Directions for making a spooky, Halloween cat decoration from paper.
Mini Witch Hat Pinatas
Surprise Halloween partygoers with treats hidden inside mini witch hats! Just pull on the tag to release the goodies.

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Host a Halloween Party with Tricks and Treats
Which do you love more at Halloween: Tricks or Treats? Either way, these party ideas have all the fun and a bit of the fright too!
Mini Witch Hat Pinatas
Packing the action without the mess and tears, these spellbinding little toppers spill goodies when the tags are pulled.

Dracula Halloween Party

Use these tips and tricks to make your child's Count Dracula party maaarvelous!