Your kids will love this funny, punny costume. Get instructions to make all the partying animals.

Party Animals
Credit: Chris O'Shea

MOUSE EARSWhat You'll Need

Gray and pink felt, scissors, fabric glue, party hat

Make It1. Cut large mouse ears out of gray felt.2. Cut smaller inner ears out of pink felt and glue to large ears.3. Glue ears to each side of party hat.

MOUSE TAILWhat You'll Need

Wire, wire cutter, gray felt, fabric glue, safety pinMake It1. Cut a length of wire (approx 1 ? ') and make a loop at one end.2. Cut a 1 ? ' x 1" felt strip to wrap around the wire, leaving the loop clear. Seal the stem with glue.3. Attach a safety pin to the loop and use it to clip tail onto pants.

DEER ANTLERSWhat You'll Need

16-gauge floral wire, wire cutter, crepe-paper streamers, Mod Podge, tape, party hatMake It1. To form antlers, cut a 10" piece of wire and twist smaller (1 ? " to 5") pieces of wire onto it to create tines.2. Leaving 2" unwrapped at bottom, wrap crepe paper around wire on each antler, starting with the base and working up. Make the bases thicker by wrapping multiple layers.3. Coat antlers with Mod Podge; let dry.4. To attach antlers to hat, poke unwrapped base of antlers' wires through sides of party hat and tape wire to interior of hat.


What You'll Need

Felt, scissors, faux-fur trim, fabric glue, safety pinMake It1. Cut a deer tail out of felt.2. Cut the same shape but smaller out of faux fur.3. Glue faux fur to felt.4. Safety-pin it to pants.


What You'll Need

Felt, scissors, fabric glue, wire faux-fur edging, stapler, party hatMake It1. Cut bunny ears out of felt. Glue wire along the outer edges.2. Cut a slightly larger bunny-ear shape from faux fur. Attach faux fur to felt ear, wrapping it around the back and attaching it on front edge of felt.3. Staple ears to edge of hat.


What You'll Need

Faux-fur pom-pom, safety pinMake It1. Use a safety pin to attach fur pom-pom to a dress or cardigan.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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