14 Newborn Costume Ideas for Your Baby's First Halloween

From pea pods to lions to pumpkins, any of these super-cute Halloween costumes will make your newborn's first spooky holiday extra memorable.

Pumpkin Newborn Halloween Costume
Photo: Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids
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Colorful Caterpillar

Newborn Caterpillar Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Target

This newborn costume turns your baby into a crawling, colorful caterpillar.

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Ghost Newborn Costume


This gender neutral ghost nightgown and cap keeps your little one's Halloween look simple and oh-so-cute.

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Newborn Avocado Costume
Courtesy of Carter's

Can't get enough avocado? Turn your newborn into the fruit with this adorable Carter's set!

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Jack O'Lantern

Newborn Jack-o-Lantern PJs
Courtesy of Amazon

Your kiddo will steal the show as the sleepiest little jack-o'-lantern.

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Baby Shark

Baby Shark Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Target

If your newborn wears this costume to a Halloween party, you better believe that guests will sing "Baby Shark" all night long!

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Bear Newborn Costume

halloween bear costume newborn

This one-piece hooded jumpsuit is made with soft tan silk wave faux fur.

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Narwahl Newborn Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Carter's

Is there anything more adorable than a purple-hued baby unicorn? This costume is topped off with an iridescent horn.

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Baby Monkey Costume

Newborn Monkey Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Target

Your baby will stay snug in this sweet monkey costume, complete with ears and a tail.

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Pumpkin Newborn Costume

Pumpkin Newborn Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

This pumpkin costume is full of festive sweetness. It will make your newborn the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

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Pea in the Pod Newborn Costume

Pea in a Pod Newborn Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Target

Made from soft green bunting, this pea pod costume is as cozy as it is adorable.

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Lion Newborn Costume


This corduroy one-piece hooded lion jumpsuit is completely roar-worthy.

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Fox Newborn Costume


Is there anything cuter than a baby fox? We think not. Plus, this romper is made from breathable cotton.

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Spooky Skeleton Costume

Courtesy of Target

Want to add a bit of spookiness to your newborn Halloween costume? Then consider this one-piece skeleton jumpsuit!

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Slimer Newborn Costume


Ghostbusters fans are sure to love this Slimer swaddle costume.

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