16 Mom and Baby Costumes That Will Make You Do a Double Take

These totally unique matching mommy and me Halloween costumes spotted around Instagram (where else!) are equal parts adorable and amazing.

subway sandwich artist baby costumes
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Let's be honest: No matter what Halloween costume you choose for your little one—a duck, a Disney character, or a Subway sandwich—they are bound to look adorable. Really, what could be better than a cute baby? A super-cute baby and mom duo, that's what!

Dare we say, however, these 16 matching mom and baby Halloween costume ideas spotted on Instagram totally take the cake when it comes to cuteness. So if you want to win Halloween this year, we suggest you steal one.

1. Farmer and Cow

Once the baby has a moo-worthy look, all a mom really needs is a plaid shirt and jeans. Straw hat optional.

2. Miss Frizzle and Liz

Moms can pair a baby's lizard costume with a planet-bedazzled purple dress to pull together this Magic School Bus-inspired look.

3. Tina and Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers

Simple T-shirts, a hot pink cap with bunny ears, and other accessories make it easy to channel the sisters from the animated series.

4. Robber and Bag O' Cash

This tongue-in-cheek look requires nothing more than an all-black outfit and mask for mom and a little sack with faux cash for baby.

5. Painting and Bob Ross

The '80s called and think a baby Bob Ross paired with mom dressed up as a painting and easel is a ridiculously cute idea.

6. Cabbage Patch Kids

Another '80s classic? This coveted toy, of course, a simple look both mom and baby can channel with some poster board, pigtails, and overalls.

7. Rosie the Riveter

Pair bandanas and denim for this awesomely feminist mommy and me look.

8. Subway Sandwich and Subway Sandwich Artist

A DIY Subway uniform for mom pairs way too amazingly with this sandwich-inspired baby costume.

subway sandwich artist baby costumes

9. Cotton Candy

Can't choose between pink or blue candy floss? No need to choose with this sweet and fluffy homemade costume idea.

10. Maki Roll and Sushi Chef

This sushi-themed pairing is so cute you could eat it up.

11. Monsters Inc. Monsters

The colorful Pixar classic was made for Halloween.

12. Secret Service and POTUS

How brilliant is this mom and baby costume that stealthily uses a poster board dais to disguise your presidential L.O. hanging in a carrier?

13. Frida Kahlo and Her Pet Monkey

Pay tribute to the Mexican artist and her little primate.

14. Rainbow Brite and Twink

Moms who are nostalgic for their own childhoods and the beloved '80s cartoon Rainbow Brite can dress up as the magical character and her personal sprite.

15. Frappuccino and Starbucks Barista

Starbucks-loving mamas will love the caffeine and joy boost they get from dressing up as baristas alongside their little one as the frothy treat.

16. Wayne and Garth

Funny wigs, tees, jeans, and a flannel shirt for baby Garth will make for party time. Excellent.

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