Mini Witch Hat Pinatas

Surprise Halloween partygoers with treats hidden inside mini witch hats! Just pull on the tag to release the goodies.


You will need: scissors, 9-inch plate, glue stick, white glue, thumbtack, clear tape, ruler, yarn needle, black paper streamers, 1.5 & 3.5-inch lids, cereal box cardboard, string, white card stock, black construction paper. Trace a 3.5-inch circle from the paper. Cut it out. Trace a 1.5-inch circle from the cereal box. Cut it out. Attach it to the center of the other circle. Poke a hole in the center. Knot a 10-inch length of string into a loop. Thread the loop through the circle. Tape the knot ends to the circle. Roll up a 30-inch piece of streamer paper. Cut it into fringe. Trace and cut a 9-inch circle from paper. Fold in half. Then cut in half. Tape a looped 10-inch piece of string to a half circle. Roll into a cone with a 2-inch diameter opening. Tape the edge. Cover with glue stick. Wrap cone with fringe. Place upside-down in a cut and fill with candy. Run a line of white glue along the edge. Place the circle, loop side up, onto the cone. Create two card stock circles that say "Boo!" Glue them to the end of the loop.

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