Make a Witch-Hat Lamp Shade

A lampshade makes for spooky décor when it's decked out like this iconic Halloween hat.


Hi, I'm Amanda Kingloff, lifestyle director of Parents Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to give your lampshade its own Halloween costume. We're gonna turn it into a witch's hat. Here's what you'll need: a hot glue gun, black foam core, a buckle, a pencil, ribbon and a thumbtack, an X-Acto knife, scissors, purple and black satin ribbon, scotch tape, and a lampshade. So, you're gonna measure your lampshade, the bottom opening of your lampshade and you're gonna cut your black foam core about 5 to 6 inches wider than that measurement. And easy way to cut a circle is tie a ribbon or a string to a pencil and just make an outline all the way around and it makes a perfect circle. You also need to cut a circle out of the center and you have your witch's hat brim. The next thing you wanna do is you wanna turn your lampshade into the hat. So I'm gonna take a piece of tape, tape it to the end of the ribbon and tape it just to the inside of the lampshade. Then, I'm just going to go around and wrap, and each time I wrap, I wanna sort of overlap the ribbon before so it gets full coverage. Take your hot glue gun and you're just gonna apply a line of glue right where the shade meets the foam core. So I've taken a purple ribbon and I cut 3 6-foot long pieces and braided them to make a band that goes all the way around. I bought this very simple buckle from a local fabric store and just threaded it through, and then you just place it around at the seam where the shade meets the brim. You're just gonna apply a few little dabs of glue to secure the band to the hat. And when you're done, just place your shade right back on your lamp and it's time for Halloween.

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