Make a Ringmaster Coat Costume

Upcycle a plain sweatshirt into a kid's coat that'™s ready to take center stage!


Hi, I'm Amanda Kingloff, lifestyle director from Parents Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to make the base for this fabulous ringmaster coat for Halloween. Here's what you'll need: a rip sweatshirt slightly larger than your child, poster board, a measuring tape, scissors, a pencil and a hot glue gun. The first step is to cut off the bottom waistband of your sweatshirt. So you're gonna cut just above the seam and, believe it or not, this waistband is going to become the collar of your coat. For the next step, you wanna print this template from and enlarge it to the width of your sweatshirt. Cut it out and lay it on the bottom edge of the sweatshirt. And so it's easier to cut, I recommend just taking a pencil or marker and just lightly trace the template onto your sweatshirt. Now flip your sweatshirt over and you're gonna cut a triangle out the back. Measure 9 inches up from the bottom edge of the sweatshirt right in the center, then take your scissors and just go ahead and cut that shape right out. Take the original waistband of the sweatshirt and measure it around the collar. Trim it to that length. Then, take the poster board and slip it into the channel of the waistband. Get your hot glue gun and apply a little bit of glue to the edge of each side of the new collar. Fold it over to seal the edges. To make it easier for your child to slip this over their head, you wanna cut about a 2-inch slit right in the center of the neckline. And before you add your final embellishments, just cut the sleeves to the length of your child's arms. Now, I'll just add some finishing touches with some ribbon, felt, paint and recycled milk bottle tops.

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