Make a Butterfly Tutu Costume

Don'€™t be scared by all of the layers-it'€™s super easy to make this too-cute skirt.


Hi, I'm Amanda Kingloff, Lifestyle Director of Parents Magazine, and today I'm gonna show you how to make a tutu. Here's what you'll need: tulle, elastic, scissors, a hot glue gun, decorative paper, and a tape measure. So the first thing you wanna do is you're gonna take your elastic and just measure it around your child's waist. I like to just knot it together. You could stitch it; you could hot glue it, but a knot will work just fine. You're gonna cut your tulle into strips about 4 inches wide by about 29 inches long. The next thing you wanna do is fold over the top flap about 3 inches, take your scissors and make about an inch or so long cut into the tulle. And then, very carefully take your-- the long piece and you wrap it up around the elastic and through the slit and pull. And you have your first strand of your tutu and just repeat until you can make it all the way around the elastic bond. So, I've cut my decorative paper into circles. So you wanna pick up one circle. Add a little dot of hot glue. And then you wanna press it onto a piece of the tulle carefully and then take one other circle and sandwich it and hold it until it's dry. And after you've glued on your little orange dots, just give it a few fluffs, crunch it up, and you have a perfect tutu for a little butterfly.

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