How to Make Spool Monster Halloween Decorations

Gives these "eyes" a stylish look. These decorations will look perfect wherever you perch them.


You and your kids will have a frightfully good time making these spooky spool creatures this Halloween. For this craft, you will need a highlighter, a ping pong ball, a black marker, whiteout, a wooden spool, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, chenille stems, wooden beads, yarn, scissors, glue, and a thimble. First, color an iris onto the ping pong ball with your highlighter. Use your black marker for the pupil. Then, add a dot of whiteout to the pupil. Glue the eyeball to the top of the spool. Wrap a chenille stem around the middle of the spool. Twist it once in the back and then the sides out to create arms. Cover the spool with yarn, wrapping over the chenille stem. Keep wrapping until the spool is covered. Then, tuck the end of the yarn under. Fold another chenille stem in half and tuck the bent end into the spool to create legs. To make the hands, slide a wooden bead onto the chenille stem, bending the end over. Repeat to make the feet. To make the hair, wrap yarn around two to four fingers about eight to 10 times and cut. Tie a short piece of yarn around the center of the loops and cinch tightly. Cut through the loops and glue into place. To create a hat, wrap a chenille stem around the thimble base, trim to fit, and glue. Glue into place. Use your imagination to dream up other fun details for these cute creatures.

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