How to Make Mummy Juice Boxes

Use white vinyl tape to create an army of mummy juice boxes for your kids to sip on this Halloween!


Hi. I'm Taryn Mohrman, Parents Lifestyle Editor. Today, I'm gonna show you how to make these Mummy Juice Boxes for your kids to sip on this Halloween. For this craft, you'll need juice boxes, scissors, a hole punch, white vinyl electrical tape and googly eyes. First, we're gonna cover the top of our juice box. Take a piece of electrical tape, just cut a strip about three inches long, and grab your hole punch, and you're gonna put a hole right in the center, then line it up on top, and this so that your child can put their straw into the juice box with ease. Then take another strip of tape and cover the rest of the top. Now, we're ready to wrap the juice box. Take your tape and starting at the bottom, just wrap it all the way around. The electrical tape is really easy to work with. So if you'll make a mistake you can just go back, remove it and reposition it. Why you're wrapping, you wanna make sure that you're going in all different directions, so that your Mummy looks like he's been wrapped up really well and give it a more realistic fill. Okay, when you're done, just cut the tape and stick it down on the side. Now, we're gonna give our Mummy some eyes. We're using adhesive-backed googly eyes. This way you can just stick them right on and not worry about glue or drying time. Then we have to give him a brow. So take your tape and cut a three-inch strip, and the trick is position it on an angle so he has a little character and personality. The final step is to attach the straw to the side. We're gonna need about one inch strip of tape, just hold it on the side like this, and tape it about a third of the way up. The best part about the electrical tape is that it's waterproof. So you can throw it in a bucket of ice and serve it cold to thirsty trick or treaters.

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