How to Make Halloween Licorice Trees

This Halloween, turn your table into a haunted forest by crafting these candy-coated centerpieces with your kids.


-Hi. I'm Taryn Mohrman, Parents Lifestyle Editor. This Halloween, you can turn your table into a haunted forest by creating these candy-coated centerpieces with your kids. For this craft, you'll need black or chocolate licorice, thin and thick wire, wire snips, scissors, candy corn, candy pumpkins, graham crackers, chocolate frosting, a spreader and a paper dinner plate. First, we're gonna make the tray. Take 6 pieces of licorice and use your wire cutter to snip off the end and take your thin wire and carefully slide it into the licorice piece and when it's all the way at the top, use your cutters to cut the extra off and then repeat until you have 6 branches. To assemble the branches, we're gonna take a piece of our thicker wire and cut it about 3 inches long with our wire snips then gather your branches, slip the wire underneath and about a 3rd of their way up, you're going to twist to secure then bend the bottoms out. This is gonna form your trunk and then you can have fun playing with the branches to give them a spooky spin away look. To create the base for your centerpiece, we're gonna cut a large square from your paper dinner plate and then we're gonna use the frosting to actually glue the graham crackers on top. Add another thin layer of frosting on top. Then use candy corns to build the fence all the way around. When it's done, take your tray and place it on top of the wet icing. Cast the bottom branches down into the icing and then [unk] the branches, the final step is to finish it off with some pumpkins. When you're all done, you'll leave with a spooky centerpiece that's gonna steal the show at your kid's Halloween party.

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