How to Make an Etched Pumpkin

Learn how to make an etched pumpkin for Halloween.


-This Halloween, there's no need to be frighten by the thought of carving pumpkins. You can add cool designs with an easy technique called etching. I'm Taryn Mohrman Parent Lifestyle Editor and I'm gonna show you how to make pumpkins like this at home with your kids in just a few simple steps. For this craft, you'll need a pumpkin, a template, painters tape, a paper piercer and a linoleum cutter. So the first step for this craft is to create a template and you can do that on your computer in your word processor and just pick a font spooky font for Halloween, spell out the word "Boo, Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat." Adjust the size and print it onto regular computer paper and then turn it to size. Now we need to secure the template onto the pumpkin and we're gonna do that using painters tape. Next step, you're gonna take a paper piercer and this is definitely a job for Mom or Dad. You're gonna poke holes pretty close together along the lines of the template. When you're poking holes to the template, you wanna make sure to do the inner and outer lines for each letter. And once you've poked all the holes you're gonna then peel away this template and what you're left with should be the outline of "Boo" or whatever your chosen word or phrase was. Now, grab your etching tool, we're using a linoleum cutter and gonna start to scrape away the skin of the pumpkin. Now, the key for this is to push away from your body and just follow inside the dotted lines. While you're working on your pumpkin, feel free to rotate it so that it's easier to work within the lines. And once you're done with all your letters, you're left with this "Boo" to [unk] pumpkin.

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