How to Make a Witch Pumpkin

No carving necessary! This friendly witch pumpkin is a fun Halloween project and a cute doorstep decoration.


-Hi. I'm Amanda King, Lifestyle Director of Parents Magazine. Everytime you dress your kids up for Halloween, how about this year dressing up your pumpkin. I'm gonna show you how to turn one into a witch. Let's get started. You'll need craft foam, black card stock, scissors, a pencil, 2 colors of crepe paper, a black round take out container, a dinner plate, a party hat, glue and tape. Because you're gonna turn your pumpkin on its side so it's stem is facing forward. You need a place for your pumpkin to sit. So we have a black take out container round, you could use a bowl if you don't have one of these and we just took some black construction paper and cut a jagged color and then I'm gonna take my pumpkin and place it face-forward in the container. And for her hair, we're gonna use regular crepe paper. So I went ahead and cut my crepe paper into about foot long pieces and then I cut them in half lengthwise to make them a little thinner. And then I'm gonna take a piece of clear tape, tape a strand of hair to the head and then take my scissors and like I would curl gift ribbon. I'm just gonna gently curl the streamer. So you're just going to repeat that until you get all of her hair done. Now I'm gonna give the witch her facial features. So what we're using is really easy to use craft foam and this is glittery craft foam so it gives it a little possess and it's also adhesive [unk]. So all you need to do is cut and peel and stick. To make the witches hat, you're gonna take just a regular dinner plate and black cardstock. Trace the plate with your pencil and cut out. I have one here that's already cut. We also gonna hold right in the center and that helps it situate on her head without falling off. To make the cone part of the witches hat, we're gonna use our glitter craft foam again. So what I've done is I've taken a regular paper party hat, unfolded it, trace it onto the craft foam and cut. Then just form it into a cone and seal it on the back with glue. To finish off your project, just take your broom, please it right on top of her head, take a piece of your tape and tape it down. Then take your glue and secure down the cone shape right on top which is a few dabs around the broom. So every witch hat needs a golf buckle so we've taken a piece of golf craft foam, cut it into a rectangular shape and we're gonna stick it right to the front of her hat.

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