How to Make a Stained Glass Pumpkin

Learn how to make a stained glass pumpkin for Halloween.


-Hi, I'm Amanda Kingloff, Lifestyle Director of Parents Magazine. -And I'm Taryn Mohrman, Lifestyle Editor of Parents Magazine and we're gonna show you how to make this stained pumpkin at home with your kids. First, you'll need to round up some basic material. You'll need self laminating sheets, construction paper, a pencil, scissors, a cup for tracing, straight pins, a knife, and spoon for scooping, also some holiday lights, and of course a pumpkin. -First thing you're gonna do was cut the circles out of your pumpkin. So, cut the hole in the back big enough that your hand will fit through and really carve the skin of the pumpkin so it's pretty thin, and then what's you're do is you're gonna take a cup, so I'm gonna take it and place it on my pumpkin, take my pencil, and trace around the base of the cup. So, now I have my circle. And then you're gonna take a knife. I'm gonna really just get out the meat of the circle. And you have a circle and just keep working. So, I'm gonna keep making some circles and while I'm doing this Taryn is gonna show how to make the windows for the stained glass. -So, this is another great thing for kids to help out with and what you need to do is get the self laminating sheets that can be bought at office supply stores and some construction paper and it's really easy. Just peel off the back. And you take your piece of construction paper and just place at 1 end, give it a good press down and then you're gonna fold the other end on top of it, give it the protection and seal it on underneath, okay. From there, you're going to cut some squares just like we've been ahead over here and these are what are gonna behind the circles that Amanda is carving out of the pumpkin. Now, that all of your circles are cut and your paper is laminated, it's time to put the windows inside the pumpkin. So, I'm gonna take one of my squares and straight pin and just get it started I'm gonna put the pen in the corner of the square and I'm gonna put my hand at the back of my pumpkin, put my square in place and pin the window in place. You take another pin and secure your window inside the pumpkin. -So, the last step is to give your pumpkin a glow, and we're gonna do that by using a strand of holiday lights, you wrap them up and what you're gonna do is put them right in the back through the hole that you used to carve the pumpkin, give them a good push in there, plug them in, and there you go, you have a beautiful stained glass pumpkin for your porch.

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