Halloween Pumpkins: How to Draw Great Expressions

Author and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka explains how to capture perfect expressions to draw on your pumpkins for this Halloween!


Hi, I'm Jack Krasowska. I'm the author and illustrator of more than 25 books for young readers. And I'm here today with Family Fun to teach you about drawing expressions on a character. As an illustrator, it's my job to tell the story through the pictures. So, if you wanted to draw a character to look they were really happy And try this at home. Make a face in the mirror yourself to try to capture these expressions. But when you're happy, you smile really big. And when you smile really big your lips push your cheeks up and your cheeks push up into your eyes. And you get this little line underneath your eyes. So you might draw the character to look something like this. [BLANK_AUDIO] What if you were really angry and you wanted to draw that that character was very angry, when you're angry, your highbrows come down, you eyebrows come together and push against, push your forehead muscles together, and you get this little line right here. And also when you're angry, you tend to tile your head down. And when you tilt your head down, your eyebrows are covering the top of your eyeballs. Perhaps your face is so angry that they're grinding their teeth. Or maybe your character is really scared and when you're scared your eyes get really big And the bigger you draw the eyes and the smaller you draw the pupils, the most scared your character will look. [BLANK_AUDIO] So you can apply these lessons onto any kind of character you might be drawing. Maybe your character is human, but maybe they're a pig. Maybe your character is a lion. [BLANK_AUDIO] Perhaps your character is an elephant that's scared out of their minds or perhaps you'd like to use this lesson and apply it to painting your Halloween pumpkins. Every Halloween I paint pumpkins with my family and we love to draw expressions. On those pumpkins. And you can learn more about that in the October issue of Family Fun magazine.

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