Halloween Craft: How To Make No-Carve Mummy and Bat Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving can get pretty messy. Here's a fun, no-carve way to craft mummy and bat pumkins.


-Keep Halloween simple with these no-carve mummy and bat pumpkins. They're so easy to make it's scary. For these projects, you will need a pumpkin, white crepe paper streamers, medium white pompoms, smaller black pompom, glue, a small mini pumpkin or gourd, blank paint, a foam paintbrush, black craft foam, a pencil, scissors, and a hot glue gun and glue sticks. To create the eyes for both projects, glue small black pompoms on to the medium white pompoms. For the mummy, hot glue the eyes to the top of the pumpkin. Then wrap the pumpkin in white streamers using a few dabs of hot glue to secure mummy wrapping. If you plan to put your pumpkin outside, you can substitute strips of cheesecloth for the white streamers. For the back, start by painting your pumpkin black. Let it dry then draw wings on to the black craft foam and cut them out. Attach the wings to the pumpkin with hot glue. Stick on your eyes with dabs of hot glue. Your kids are sure to love these creative jack-o'-lantern.

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