Halloween Craft: How To Make Candy-Craft Spiders

Here's how to create adorable spider decorations for your home this Halloween.


-These Daddy Long Legs are the perfect creepy crawly craft to get you in the spirit this Halloween. For this craft, you will need a foam paintbrush, black acrylic paint, a Styrofoam ball, color 12-gauge aluminum wire, wire cutters, a thick marker or spool, gumdrops, gummy life savers, pieces from a candy necklace, and ball head straight pins. First, paint your Styrofoam ball black. Let it dry. Next, cut 8 pieces measuring approximately 6 to 10 inches long from the wire for the legs. Round the upper portion of each wire leg around the spool. For smaller legs, you can use a thick marker. Push a gumdrop on to the bottom of each leg to create a foot. You'll create a spider's eyes with candy. Insert a pin through both the holes of the gummy lifesaver and a piece from the candy necklace. Push the pin into the Styrofoam ball. Insert each leg into the Styrofoam ball. These adorable [unk] are a sweet way to decorate your home this Halloween.

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