21 Funny Halloween Jokes for Kids That'll Have You Howling

From knock-knock jokes to corny puns, these Halloween jokes for kids had our panel of little ghosts and ghouls laughing the hardest.

Spooky is expected when it comes to Halloween fun, but if you're entertaining anyone under the age of 10, silly is just as important. To help everyone get in the spirit, we rounded up the funniest Halloween one-liners and tested them on real kids. These are the cute and oh-so corny jokes that had them laughing the most. Use them to turn up the fun before trick-or-treating, tell them around the campfire at a backyard Halloween party, or write them inside cards to share with friends at school on October 31.

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Funny Halloween Jokes for Kids

Where do celebrities go on Halloween? "Mali- boo!" —Savannah, age 9

Why are cemeteries so popular? "Everybody is just dying to get in!" —Becky, age 8

What's the best dessert to serve at Halloween? "Ice scream!" —Claire, age 7

Where do zombies live? "Only on dead-end streets." —Simon, age 11

What is a pirate always looking for even though it's right behind him? His booty!

Knock knock… Who's there? Ben! Ben who? Ben waiting to go out trick-or-treating all day!

Witch Halloween Jokes for Kids

How do witches keep their hair looking so good? "Lots of scare- spray!" —Thomas, age 9

What do witches always order at hotels? "Broom service!" —Lakeisha, age 9

What is a little witch's favorite school subject? Spell-ing.

How do you make a witch itch? Take away the "w."

Vampire Halloween Jokes for Kids

What's the best way to talk to a vampire? "From very far away!" —Claire, age 7

Why are vampires so annoying? "Because they are a real pain in the neck! Get it? A pain in the neck, because they bite your neck!" —Deena, age 5

Where do vampires keep their money? At the blood bank.

For Dracula's a jolly good fellow, his fangs are furry and yellow! (Sang to the tune of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow")

What kind of dog does Dracula have? "A bloodhound!" —Zayed, age 11

Ghost Halloween Jokes for Kids

What's a ghost's favorite ride at the fair? "The roller-ghoster!" —Asham, age 7

Where do ghost pirates sail? "Upon the dead sea. You have to say it in a pirate voice!" —Suzie, age 5

Why are ghosts so bad at lying? "Because you can see right through them!" —Victoria, age 12

Skeleton Halloween Jokes for Kids

Why wouldn't the skeleton cross the road? "Because he was gutless!" —Hudson, age 6.5

Why was the skeleton so messy? "Because he was such a lazy bones!" —Sammie, age 7

Why was the skeleton so sad? "Because he had no-BODY to love!" —Ben, age 4

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