Entertaining a group of teenagers who have aged out of trick-or-treating? These Halloween party game ideas for teens will ensure everyone enjoys the festivities in a safe, candy-filled environment.

By Melissa Klurman
August 11, 2020

For parents of teens, few days of the year highlight just how close their kid is to becoming a young adult like Halloween. No longer do they dress up to head out trick-or-treating (okay, maybe they do, but chances are the neighbors no longer gush over how cute their costumes are), and their desire to hang out with friends far outweighs spending time with their parents. That doesn't mean teens don't want to celebrate though—no teen is too old to want to have fun!

Wondering what to do? Enter these Halloween games for teens perfect for a party. Each is an easy way to celebrate the eerie holiday in an age appropriate way, especially if you help plan. Bonus: no germy bobbing for apples needs to be involved.

boy wearing skeleton face paint while paining a pumpkin
Credit: Santiago Iñiguez/EyeEm/Getty Images

Halloween Catwalk

Set up a Halloween runway show and let teens strut their stuff (6 feet apart) down the street or in the backyard, suggest the Halloween experts at Party City. No catwalk is complete without a smoke machine or LED, strobe, and black lights for an extra spooky effect. Appoint a panel of judges to choose who walks away with first prize, perhaps even complete with a Skeleton Trophy.

And don't forget a Halloween photo booth so the teens can proudly pose for the 'gram!

Doctor Piñata

Add a timely twist to a favorite party game by creating a piñata in the shape of the now all-too-familiar gray and red, round COVID-19 virus shape (you'll just need a balloon, paper mache, and enough candy to go around to make this in advance—you can also create a bloody eye shape the same way if that's more your teen's style). Have teens wear doctor masks and large rubber surgical style gloves and hand out individual blindfolds to don while they whack away at the candy-filled hanging target.

Halloween Charades

Put a spooky twist on the classic party game of silently miming and acting out clues for fellow guests to guess. Haunted charade topics could include horror movies (Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Friday the 13th, The House on Haunted Hill), ghoulish characters (Addams family members, Freddy Krueger, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Dracula), or Halloween-themed items or even songs (skeleton, jack-o-lantern, ghost, Monster Mash).

Spooky Makeup Challenge

Have teens channel their creativity (and their favorite TikTok and YouTube makeup artists) with a special FX makeup challenge. Pick up products like makeup kits, face crayons, blacklight makeup, fake blood, with one set for each participant, to set up the ultimate face-off in who can create the coolest or the creepiest look, suggest the Party City experts. You can even get full makeup kits like a deer, a mermaid, a dragon, a vampire, and more for guests to battle it out on who can have the most creative rendition of costume favorites.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Set up individual stations with carving tools, paints and brushes, glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners, yarn, and whatever else teens need to let their imaginations go wild. Award prizes for scariest, most colorful, most creative jack-o-lanterns, or set a theme, like movie monsters, and see who can best recreate Frankenstein in pumpkin form.

Looking for a sweeter creative activities? Bake up gingerbread haunted houses and let them decorate with candy and lots of dripping icing.

Start a Boo Bag Race

Have teens "boo" neighbors by leaving bags of treats at their doorstep for a festive surprise, a kind of reverse trick-or-treating. For this one, get some treat bags and create stations for guests to fill the bags with candy and Halloween favors. Make it a timed challenge for individuals or groups to see how fast they can create the "boo" bags and deliver them. Winners of the timed packing and delivering challenges win prizes, and everyone gets to eat the candy that's left when they return back to the party—buy plenty of extra so there's lots to share!

Safety note: Boo bags are mysteriously left after ringing the doorbell, with just a "You've been boo-ed!" tag attached. There's no face-to-face contact, but make sure everyone wears gloves when packing and distributing.