Silly Spider Halloween Decorations

Craft these silly, adorable spiders to use as seasonal decorations.

Silly Spider Halloween Decorations

silly spiders Tara Donne

What You'll Need

2" to 4" Styrofoam balls
Black acrylic paint
Foam paintbrush
12-gauge colored aluminum wire
Wire cutters
Life Savers Gummies
Candy necklace
Ball-head straight pins

    Make It

    1. Paint Styrofoam ball black; let dry.
    2. Cut eight 6" to 12" pieces of wire as legs. (Use shorter wires for smaller balls.)
    3. Round upper portion of each piece of wire around a thick marker (smaller spider) or spool (larger spider) to make bend in the legs.
    4. Push gumdrop onto bottom point of each leg to make feet.
    5. Insert each leg into ball, positioning four on each side (you may need to adjust legs to make spiders stand).
    6. Create eyes out of candy. For larger eyes, insert pin through holes of both a gummy Life Saver and a candy necklace piece and into Styrofoam ball. For smaller eyes, use candy necklace pieces.

    Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.