How to Make a Witch Pumpkin

No carving necessary! This friendly witch pumpkin is a fun Halloween project and a cute doorstep decoration.

Witch Pumpkin
Jonny Valiant

What you'll need:

A pumpkin with a long, pointy stem, green streamers, scissors, tape, adhesive glitter craft foam in black, green, white, and gold, a dinner plate, a party hat, black poster board, glue

Make it:

1. Turn pumpkin on its side so that the stem serves as a nose.

2. Cut streamers into foot-long strips. Tape to top of pumpkin to resemble hair. Then curl streamers using scissors.

3. Cut face shapes from adhesive glitter craft foam, peel off back and affix.

4. Place dinner plate on black poster board; trace a circle. Cut out and glue to top of pumpkin.

5. Cover party hat with black adhesive craft foam. Cut out buckle shape from the gold craft foam and affix to hat.

Originally published in the October 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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