9 Creative Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

These easy Halloween crafts are creepy, kooky, and altogether (semi) spooky, so rest assured they'll be a hit with your child this October.

This Halloween, gather some supplies and settle in for a spooky crafternoon with your kids. These DIY projects will keep them entertained for hours—and they'll look cute on display throughout the fall season.

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Puffy Ghosts

puffy ghosts
Thriving Home

These puffy creations are just the creepy Halloween craft you've been looking for. DIY these hanging ghosts from Thriving Home with cotton balls on white construction paper. Glue on black paper eyes and mouths in expressions of your choosing.

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Coffee Filter Monsters

Coffee filter monsters
One Little Project

This simple and inexpensive activity puts a Halloween spin on the classic coffee filter craft. These "monsters" from One Little Project come together in a snap with just water, filters, and washable markers.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bat Armbands

toliet paper roll armbands
No Time for Flashcards

Help your kid put together this cool bat from Savvy Sassy Moms that they can both display and wear. A toilet paper roll tube fits perfectly around little arms, and the bat's paper wings will flap as your child moves their arm!

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Toilet Paper Roll Characters

Toilet Paper Roll Characters
Crafty Morning

The ultimate Halloween craft idea for kids? This one using toilet paper rolls! They're the perfect backdrop for fun Halloween characters like pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls. Find all the fun character how-tos on the Crafty Morning blog.

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Spiderweb Sacks

spider sacks
Modern Parents Messy Kids

Create these gross-yet-gorgeous spiderweb sacks from Modern Parents Messy Kids with water balloons, white yarn, and craft glue. Stick on some plastic spiders for an extra creepy Halloween craft.

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Paper Bag Bats

Paper Bag Bats

Break out the black markers, it's time to make some bats! These paper bag bats couldn't be easier to make, but we guarantee your little ones will fall in love with the results as they make their puppets soar through the air.

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Pumpkin Suncatcher

Pumpkin suncatcher
Crafts on Sea

No list of Halloween crafts for kids would be complete without a suncatcher, and we love this pretty pumpkin one from Crafts on Sea. Simply cut out an outline of a pumpkin and have your child fill in the middle with pieces of tissue paper. Finish your suncatcher with a jack-o-lantern face.

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Neon "Glowing" Pumpkins

Neon "Glowing" Pumpkins
Projects with Kids

Does your child find Halloween super scary? If so, you'll love these silly neon-colored pumpkins from the Projects with Kids blog. Bright colors, fun googly eyes, and non-scary faces come together to create these totally tame painted pumpkins... and one of the easiest Halloween crafts of all time.

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Monster Mobile

monster mobile
Happy Hooligans

Transform toilet paper rolls into this monster mobile from Happy Hooligans by painting or coloring the tubes and adding on googly eyes, squiggly pipe-cleaner arms, and toothy construction-paper mouths. String together at staggering heights for a friendly and cheap Halloween craft idea for kids.

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