14 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Even tiny hands can make these adorable Halloween crafts—with supervision from a caregiver, of course.

Celebrate the spooky season with these Halloween arts and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. They're perfect for decorating your house for trick-or-treating, and making them improves your child's motor skills, creative thinking, and cognitive development. All you need is a few simple supplies and some festive Halloween spirit.

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Spider Web Plates

spider web plates
Anne Lily Design

Have toddlers practice fine motor skills by threading white yarn through holes you've punched into a black paper plate to create this simple spider web craft from Anne Lily Design. Finish with foam spider stickers.

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Monster Hands

monster hands
Happy Hooligans

Trace your kiddo's arm and fingers on marbled green paper to create this monster hand from Happy Hooligans. Cut it out and have them glue on foam fingernails and dried bean "warts."

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Masking Tape Mummy

masking tape mummy
No Time for Flashcards

A basic gingerbread man becomes a mummy in this simple project from No Time for Flashcards. All you need is masking tape and googly eyes for this cute and easy Halloween craft for toddlers.

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Clothespin Bats

clothespin bats
No Time for Flashcards

Let your child transform a few of your old wooden clothespins into cute bats with some markers, construction paper, and red googly eyes in this DIY from No Time for Flashcards. You can find many uses for this Halloween craft for preschoolers!

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Spooky Branch Forest

spooky branch forest

Collect twigs and branches on a neighborhood nature walk with your kids, and then create this spooky forest from Craftulate by gluing them onto black paper and adding eyes.

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Paper Plate Frankensteins

paper plate frankenstein
Easy Preschool Craft

Finger painting is always fun, and the perfect way to create these Frankenstein faces from Easy Preschool Craft. Cut the top off a paper plate to make the flat head and provide your kiddo with the paper hair, eyes, noses, and bolts to glue on.

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Handprints Halloween Bat

Handprints Halloween Bat
Free Kids Crafts

What better way to remember those tiny handprints than this adorable bat? Grab some black construction paper and paint (bright purple or white would work best) and you're on your way. Full instructions for this cute Halloween craft for preschoolers can be found on the Free Kids Crafts site.

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Shape Witch

shape witch
Toddler Approved

Preschoolers can practice their scissors skills by cutting out the simple shapes that make up this colorful witch from Toddler Approved. It's a fun and educational Halloween craft idea for toddlers!

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5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Fence

5 little pumpkins on a fence
Mrs. Goff's Kinders

Littles ones can build a rickety fence with wooden craft sticks and set a quintet of jack-o'-lanterns on top like in this project from Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales. Get the simple instructions here.

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Candy Corn Collage

candy corn collage
Thriving Home

Practice your toddler's grouping and gluing skills in this candy-corn craft from Thriving Home. Ripped paper in white, orange, and yellow turn a plain triangle into a treat when applied correctly. It's only right to eat a few of the real candies while making them, of course!

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Footprint Ghosts

Footprint Ghosts
Pinkie for Pink

If you'll be making Halloween crafts for preschoolers this fall, we've got one that's cute enough to display for years to come. Here, your child's footprint becomes a spooky ghost surrounded by the words, "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet." Brought to you by the Pinkie for Pink blog.

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Paper Plate Monsters

paper plate monsters
Glued to My Crafts

It doesn't get any easier than these adorable paper plate monsters when it comes to Halloween crafts for preschoolers. Simply cut up construction paper in different colors and hand your little one the glue stick for some "all by myself" Halloween fun. Courtesy of Glued to My Crafts blog.

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Witch Hats

Witch Hats
Cutesy Crafts

What child wouldn't love to don a witch hat they made all by themselves? Cutesy Crafts brings us this adorable (and deceptively simple!) witch hat made from a paper plate.

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Clay Pumpkin Keepsakes

Clay Pumpkin Keepsakes
Non-Toy Gifts

Capture those sweet little fingers and toes when you make these clay Halloween ornaments courtesy of Non-Toy Gifts. Shape them like a pumpkin and add a green string at the top for a keepsake you'll be glad you made. Bonus: Your child can work on important fine motor skills while they craft!

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