Make your home or party extra spooky with these Halloween craft ideas for cards, garlands, treat bags, costumes and more.

Kid Craft: No-Sew Superhero Capes

Directions for making a super-cute, no-sew cape for your child.

13 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Even tiny hands can make these adorable Halloween decorations--with supervision from Mom or Dad, of course.

Halloween Party Activities & Crafts

From activities little ones will love to do at your Halloween bash to spooky crafts you and your kids can make together, we have great projects that require few materials but guarantee lots of fun!

Trick-or-Treat! 15 Bag & Bucket Ideas

Tired of the plastic pumpkin? Here are 15 creative trick-or-treat bags and buckets to make for the kids on their favorite night of the year -- Halloween!

Halloween Treat Bags & Boxes

Hosting a spook-tacular party? Your guests will love gobbling the goodies from these inventive treat bags and containers you can craft in minutes!

The Great Pumpkin: 26 Creative Pumpkin Crafts

These frightfully creative jack-o'-lanterns are so easy to make it's scary.

Pretty, No-Carve Pumpkins

Don't make your pumpkins go under the knife! With some imagination and creativity, you can transform your orange fruit into a masterpiece. These easy no-carve Halloween pumpkin ideas are sure to impress your guests.

5 Cool Halloween Costumes That Use a Cardboard Box

Add a basic cardboard container to a store-bought getup for a one-of-a-kind costume.

Quick and Easy Halloween Paper Crafts

Halloween crafts don't have to be hard -- or time-consuming! Get into the spooky spirit with these frightfully fun kid-friendly projects.

Matchbox Birdhouses

These teeny birdhouses are infinitely customizable. Simply add paper details to a matchbox for an adorable abode!

Halloween Kid Craft Paper Pumpkins

Directions for making a spooky, Halloween pumpkin decoration from paper.

Friendly Frank Pumpkin

Learn how to make a Frankenstein pumpkin for Halloween.

5 Punny DIY Halloween Costumes

If you're planning to DIY your family's costumes, now's the time! We've got easy ideas for kids, siblings, grown-ups, and groups that mix ready-to-wear with easy-to-craft extras--and none take more than an afternoon to make. We can't wait to see your twists on these punny critters: Post 'em on Instagram using #FamilyFunBoo!

Bat's So Cute!

Welcome your trick-or-treaters with this sweet outdoor decoration.

11 Halloween Snacks and Crafts Perfect for a Class Party

Celebrating Halloween at school? These ideas are perfect for a creepy-cool party in your child's classroom.

How to Make Mummy Juice Boxes

Use white vinyl tape to create an army of mummy juice boxes for your kids to sip on this Halloween!

Super Simple Pumpkin Treats and Crafts for Your Home

Think outside the gourd this year and turn everything -- and we mean everything -- into our favorite Halloween icon.

Halloween Party Invitations & Cards

Set a spooky or playful tone for your Halloween party with these frighfully fun invitations. We also have great ideas for photo cards so that you can wish friends and family a hauntingly happy Halloween!

Mummy Candy Holder Craft

Our spooky-sweet treat holders are perfect for a Halloween party.

Make Kooky Pumpkin Creatures

Skip the traditional pumpkin carving and create fabulous creatures with gourds and pumpkins.

Halloween Kid Craft Paper Cat

Directions for making a spooky, Halloween cat decoration from paper.

Mini Witch Hat Pinatas

Surprise Halloween partygoers with treats hidden inside mini witch hats! Just pull on the tag to release the goodies.

Pumpkin Picture Frames

Decorate your home office with smiling orange pumpkins.

Pumpkin Porch Decorations and Wreaths

Create these festive door decorations in six easy steps.

House Haunting: Decorate Your Home for a Halloween Party

Spook the kids and neighbors with these easy-to-make Halloween decorations you can create together.

Creepy-Cool DIYs to Haunt Your House

Want a Halloween house worthy of ghosts and ghouls? Decorate with these spooktacular crafts.