Follow these step-by-step instructions to transform a cardboard box into the perfect complement for your child's mouse costume!

August 31, 2016
The Big Cheese
Credit: Priscilla Gragg

What You'll Need

1 large box (ours measures 18”x18”x18”)

Craft knife


Round objects to trace

Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Yellow paint and paintbrush

1½”-wide grosgrain ribbon

Cheese Costume Template

Make It

Tip: When cutting through cardboard, make several shallow passes with the knife, rather than trying to cut through all at once.

  1. Start with a square box large enough to fit around your child’s torso; flatten the box. Use a craft knife to cut off all flaps (reserve cardboard).
  2. Cut off all but a 3-inch strip (top to bottom) from one of sides. (You’ll use the strip as a flap to hot-glue the box to itself later.)
  3. Trace various round objects on the flattened box for your cheese holes.
  4. Carefully cut out the traced circles with a craft knife.
  5. Reassemble the box as a triangle, using the 3-inch strip.
  6. Paint the box yellow.
  7. Make shoulder straps: Cut four 3-inch squares from reserved cardboard. Cut ribbon to create shoulder straps (ours measured 14 inches long). Use cardboard squares to sandwich the ribbon to the interior of the box, securing with hot glue (this will be much stronger than simply gluing ribbon to the box).

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