Star Wars and Star Trek Baby Costumes

Fans of sci-fi will love these adorable little ones dressed as your favorite Star Wars and Star Trek characters. They're simply out of this world!


We're seeing double. What a great Halloween smile!

Photo Credit: Kevin Darty

Darth Vader

This little Darth Vader seems pretty happy considering she's gone over to the dark side of the Force.

Captain Kirk

The resemblance between Owen and Captain Kirk is uncanny!

Yoda with Saber

This little Yoda's saber skills make him a true Jedi Master.


Is this how Princess Leia looked as a baby? How cute!


A cuddly R2D2 outfit is always a hit!


We bet Marit loved his furry Chewbacca suit almost as much as his parents did!


He's rocking the helmet and goggles in this unique Anakin pod racing costume.

Captain Picard

Benjamin looks like a mini-Captain Picard in this ensemble.

Darth Vadar

Even though we can't see his face, we're sure this Darth Vadar boy is having a great time!

Storm Trooper

This baby is such a trooper!

Storm Troopers

Watch out for this Storm Trooper/Clone Trooper duo--they're ready for anything.

Luke and Leia

This brother-sister duo are ready to combat dark forces in these homemade Star Wars costumes.


This girl is on a mission, Princess Leia-style.


This little guy is a tiny, tote-able Yoda!

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