Learn how to make a silly chicken costume.
Chicken Costume
Credit: Jami Saunders

What you'll need Long-sleeved yellow shirt, leggings, black shoes, red cap, white feather boa, 3 yellow-and-orange feather boas, safety pins or needle and thread, red felt, hot-glue gun, yellow rubber gloves

Make it:

1. Dress child in long-sleeved yellow shirt and wrap 2 yellow-and-orange feather boas around the bottom horizontally, pinning or stitching in place as you go. Attach white boa to upper chest. Cut third yellow boa in half, wrap tape around cut ends, and attach to sleeves.

2. To make the comb, cut 2 rectangles of red felt, and scallop the top edges (3 to 4 bumps). Glue the top and side edges together leaving the bottom open. Glue the base of the comb to hat.

3. Stuff cotton balls into the middle three fingers of each glove. Push the thumb and pinky fingers in, so they're not visible. Cut the arm part of the glove down the middle and tie around the back of the shoe with the two lengths you just created.

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