Learn how to make this sweet sock monkey costume.

Sock Monkey Costume
Credit: Jami Saunders

What you'll need Long-sleeved one-piece, large paper for making template, cotton stretch orange ribbing, scissors, sewing machine, strip of snaps, striped jersey fabric, pilot's cap, needle and thread, cotton balls, pink felt

Make it:

1. Trace a long-sleeved one-piece onto a large sheet of paper to create a template to cut the body fabric. Add about 1/2" extra space all the way around for seam allowance; cut out template. Cut front and back out of orange ribbed fabric, and sew together. Attach snap strip on the inside of each leg.

2. Cut striped fabric to match the overalls on the doll. Sew to orange one-piece.

3. Lay a pilot's cap on its side on paper and trace. Add about 1/2" extra space all the way around for seam allowance. Create a little widow's peak at the forehead, and cut out template. Cut 2 thin strips of orange fabric to create the tie under the chin. Stitch strips to bottom corners of hat to match original pilot's cap.

4. Cut 4 small ear shapes from orange fabric and sew 2 sets of ears. Turn inside out and stuff with cotton balls. Sew to sides of cap.

5. Cut a filled-in "U" shape out of pink felt and sew it to the front of the leg openings to hang over shoes.

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