Pumpkin Patch Babies

Baby In Eyeore Costume
Some of our favorite little pumpkins, posing with their favorite pumpkins this Halloween.

Gunnar, 5 1/2 months

"Big Guns," as he is referred to by his parents, is at his cutest just before bedtime at his home in Davie, Florida. That's when he gets cuddly before falling asleep on his daddy's chest.

Nicholas, 6 1/2 months

Nicholas is not interested in the latest baby fashion trends. He's quite content wearing this carved-out pumpkin instead. When he's not sitting naked inside a pumpkin, he likes visiting animals and sea creatures at zoos and aquariums near his home in Malaga, New Jersey.

Alexandra, 3 1/2 months

Even when it's not Halloween, Ali's parents refer to her as their "little pumpkin." Ali lives in Groveport, Ohio.

Nicholas, 7 months

We think some of the pumpkins in this Allentown, Pennsylvania patch are larger than Nicholas himself, seen here giggling during a game of hide and seek.

Jake, 13 months

Jake is on his way to becoming the next great American author. His parents, of Bluffton, South Carolina, report that he loves to leaf through books and explore his surroundings. His downfall is that he is ticklish in virtually every part of his body.

Madison Brooke, 5 1/2 months

Madison is currently exploring her fascination with bugs. After catching one, she usually displays her generosity by offering to give it to someone.

Christopher, 5 1/2 months

Christopher might one day grow up to be a great hockey goaltender. It looks like nothing is going to go between these two pumpkins in this photograph.

Chloe Theresia, 8 months

A San Francisco native, Chloe has a wonderful personality and is a naturally happy baby. Her parents report that she is always seen smiling and laughing.

Jack Scott, 7 months

Jack's face is lit up like a Jack-'o-lantern in this photograph. Jack and his family live in San Jose, California.

Michael, 4 months

Michael, of Crystal Lake, Illinois, is fascinated by this giant round object that is the same color as his outfit. Hmm... I wonder what's inside?

Jackson Lee, 6 1/2 months

Jackson's puppy, Randy, is probably wondering how this tiny baby is going to lift up that huge pumpkin. We think Superbaby Jackson, a native New Yorker, is fit for the task!

Tyler Alexander and Ryan Christian, 4 1/2 months

Twins Tyler and Ryan are seen here enjoying a beautiful fall stroll through a park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Madison, 9 1/2 months

Madison, in her bumblebee-and-honey-pot outfit, will be on a quest for some sweet yummy honey when she goes trick-or-treating in Washington Township, New Jersey, this Halloween. We bet she won't find anything sweeter than she is.

Jesse, 4 months

Jesse loves music, bright colors, and happy people, says her mom, of Dos Vientos Ranch, California. We think her smile is enough to make anyone who meets her a very happy person.

Alek Robert, 6 months

Alek is so happy in this picture that he doesn't even care if he goes trick-or-treating in his Chicago neighborhood.

T.J., 6 months

T.J. is a social baby; he likes to go out a lot. This Halloween he'll be parading around Spring, Texas in this cute costume and making all the other babies on the block jealous.

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