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Priscilla Gragg
Looking for clever and creative DIY family Halloween costumes? We paired these children’s costumes with no-fuss grown-up outfits to make Halloween double the fun for you. 
Priscilla Gragg
Priscilla Gragg

Succulent Garden & Plant Mama

This mother-daughter Halloween costume is one to remember. To outfit your little one as a trendy garden, simply sew or hot-glue felt succulents (search for tutorials to make your own or just buy them on Etsy) onto a pale-green one-piece and a stretchy headband. Then put on a sun hat and an earth-mama outfit to play the role of the plant mom.

Priscilla Gragg
Priscilla Gragg

Queen Bee & Papa Bear

Here's a DIY family Halloween costume for dad and daughter. Pull out all her yellow and black clothes for this buzz-worthy disguise, then add a homemade crown and scepter (following the directions below) and a store-bought tutu and wings (Kirei Sui bee costume set, $17). Dad can dress in cozy brown clothes; just add some felt ears to a brown beanie to transform into a bear.

What You'll Need: Templates, Scissors, Pencil, Yellow cardstock, Yellow, white, and black felt, Fabric glue, Binder clips, Elastic string, Thin wooden dowel

What To Do: 

1. Download and print the crown and scepter templates.

2. Cut out the templates, and trace pieces onto yellow cardstock and felt as indicated. (Make two sets of the bee-scepter pieces.)

3. Cut out the cardstock and felt pieces.

4. For the crown, glue the smaller cardstock crown piece to the larger felt crown piece. Let dry.

5. Roll the crown into a cylinder, and hold it in place with binder clips while the glue dries.

6. Cut a 16-in. piece of elastic for a chin strap, poke small holes in either side of the crown, thread the elastic through the holes, and knot the cord at each side.

7. For the scepter, assemble two bees with glue. Then glue the two bees together with the dowel in the middle; let dry.

Priscilla Gragg
Priscilla Gragg

UFO & Alien

This rad spaceship is made from cardboard and silver poster board, and the windshield is a clear plastic salad bowl. Find the complete directions below. For your out-of-this-world ensemble, you’ll need alien antennae and silvery clothing. Bonus points for wacky hair and glittery makeup. Even your pup can get in on the mommy and me costume act with a metallic-silver puffer dog coat ($58).

What You'll Need: Template, Scissors, Pencil, Cardboard Box cutter, White craft glue, Silver poster board, Holographic paper, 32-oz. clear plastic salad bowl, Awl or screw hole punch, Elastic string, Self-stick silicone bumpers (normally used on cabinet doors)

What To Do: 

1. Download and print the UFO template. Cut out the template, trace onto cardboard six times, and cut out the cardboard pieces with a box cutter.

2. Use a box cutter to carefully score one side of the cardboard pieces where indicated on template.

3. Bend the cardboard pieces along score lines and attach together with glue.

4. Cut silver poster board to fit the outside of the cardboard pieces and then glue into place.

5. Cut 1 3/4-in. circles from holographic paper and attach to the UFO.

6. Punch two holes in either side of the salad bowl with an awl or a screw hole punch.

7. Thread elastic through holes and knot to hold in place. 8. Add a few self-stick silicone bumpers to the inside bottom of the salad bowl to help keep the hat from slipping around on your child’s hair.

Priscilla Gragg
Priscilla Gragg

Lawn Ornaments

To make the flamingo family Halloween costume, you’ll need an inner tube, pink streamers, colored felt, and some basic supplies; find out how using the instructions below. To make the garden-gnome hat, cover a 12-in. cone of cardstock with red felt. Cut a beard out of white felt and draw squiggly lines on it with a marker. Then sew the corners of the beard to the hat.

What You'll Need: Scissors, 5 rolls pink streamers, Stapler and staples, Heavy-duty doublestick tape, 24-in. inner tube, 1 1/4-in. pink webbing, Pink duct tape, Hat template, Pencil, Pink, white, and black felt, Fabric glue, Large googly eyes, Pink feathers

What To Do: 

Cut about 180 strips of streamers 10 to 15 in. long. Then make 36 stacks of five streamer pieces; staple each stack at one end. Set aside.

2. Cut fifty 13-in. streamers. Make a base layer of streamers by double-stick taping these to the inner tube so the tape is on the inside of the tube and the streamers hang over the top.

3. Next, tape the stacks of streamers to the inner tube over the base layer, again attaching each inside the tube and draping the streamers over the top of the tube.

Shoulder straps: Cut two 30-in. pieces of pink webbing. Secure them with pink duct tape so the straps cross in back, taping them down on the inside of the inner tube.

Hat: Download and print the hat template. Cut out the template, trace onto the felt, and cut out the felt pieces. Glue together as shown. Stick on googly eyes and pink feathers to finish.

Priscilla Gragg
Priscilla Gragg

Dinosaur & Paleontologist

Your child will love dressing up in this dino disguise made from cardboard and craft paper (instructions below.) As the accompanying paleontologist, aim to wear all khaki clothes—the more outdoorsy and utilitarian, the better for this mother and son costume.

What You'll Need: Box cutter, Cardboard, Pencil, Scissors, 1 1/4-in. green webbing, 1-in. black elastic Masking tape, Hot-glue gun and sticks, Brown craft paper, 2 shoe-box–size cardboard boxes, White paint, Paintbrush, Black permanent marker, Green tapes or paint

What To Do: 

Use a box cutter to make two 12x16-in. rectangles from the cardboard.

2. Draw, then cut out two 3-in. armholes about 6 1/2 in. up from the bottom of one rectangle, as shown.

3. Cut two 12-in. pieces of webbing for shoulder straps and two 12-in. pieces of black elastic for side straps.

4. Try the costume on your child and temporarily tape the straps in place. Once it is fitting, take it off your child, then hot-glue straps into place.

5. Make an approximately 14-in. cone of brown craft paper for the tail, and hot-glue it to the back piece.

Use a box cutter to trim the two small boxes down to size. Ours measured as follows. Top: 11x7 1/2x4 in. (short side) and 6 in. (longer, snout side); jaw: 11x6 1/2x3 1/2 in. Reserve the scraps.

2. Cut a hole in the bottom of the jaw box large enough to accommodate your child’s head. (The hole we made measured 8x6 1/2 in.)

3. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard to fit inside to attach the two halves. Bend the piece where the two boxes will meet and hot-glue them together.

4. Cut additional small pieces of cardboard and glue them to the inside to reinforce your boxes and hold the two halves together. (It doesn’t need to be pretty—no one will see this!)

5. For the teeth, cut fourteen 2 1/4-in. triangles out of scrap cardboard and paint them white. Let dry, then hot-glue them into the dino’s mouth.

6. Cut two 1 1/2-in. circles for eyes; paint a white circle in each; let dry. Draw on black-marker pupils.

7. To finish, decorate the head, tail, and body with green tapes—or paint the whole thing, if you prefer!

This article originally appeared in Parents Magazine as 'Dress Up With Your Kid!'

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