Outrageous Halloween Costumes for Pets

cowboy ferret
From race-car drivers to frogs, Uncle Sam to Hannibal, check out these pets in their Halloween costumes!
Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Fast Food Dogs

We couldn't get over these fast food divas. Would you like pup-peroni with that?

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Princess Pup

This pup knows style.

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Pumpkin Kitten

This little orange kitten makes the perfect pumpkin!

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Haunted House Cats

These cats take Halloween very seriously.

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Robber Dog

Have you seen this furry trouble maker? Reward paid in dog biscuits.

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Dino Puppy

This is the cutest dino we've ever seen!

Tuxedo/Top Hat Dog

In these duds, your dog will be ready to mingle in style!

Baby Chick Dog

Is it a chick or a pup? An egg hat and feathers turn this cute puppy into something a little more feathery.

Race Driver Dog

This race-car driver costume has it all: arms, legs, even a steering wheel!

Frog Dog

Frog Dog--an unusual (and amusing) cross breed of puppy and amphibian.

Superhero Dogs

This family of dogs looks ready to save the world from destruction on a moment's notice!

Sunflower Ferret

This ferret is too cute in her sunny bonnet and dress.

Uncle Sam Ferret

Uncle Sam wants YOU to dress your pet as cute as this patriotic ferret!

Bath Robe Dog

Grandma, what big eyes you have!

Ladybug Cat

This ladybug-cat seems a little unsure of her tiny bee friend.

Hannibal Dog

Silence of the Lambs--literally.

Super Kitty

We're not sure Rocky likes this costume as much as his humans do!

Cowboy Ferret

Stick 'em up! This is one tough-looking Sheriff ferret.

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