LOL Baby Halloween Costumes

pea pod
From lobsters to air fresheners, here are some of our favorite babies dressed in their Halloween costumes!

Little Old Man

This baby takes imitating Grandpa to the next level in this getup. The oversize glasses look adorable on his chubby cheeks. Even their expressions match!

Summer Lovin'

Why create a costume when you can design an entire scene for your little one? It looks like this cutie is enjoying time-traveling back to last season.

Baby Doll

This girl's mom is a Cabbage Patch super-fan so it's no surprise that her mini-me got the full treatment. Talk about having an insta-twin for the day!

Pizza Slice

This baby girl is a supreme cutie!

Boiled Lobster

This is probably how most lobsters feel in the kitchen. What a cute costume idea!

Abe Lincoln

Baby-sized bow tie--check. Tiny top hat--check. Adorable Honest Abe reincarnation--check!


This baby seems perfectly content to just relax, turtle style.


Beads, scarves, jewels and long locks: all the accessories any gorgeous gypsy girl needs.


This is probably one of the only sea creatures you'll ever want to snuggle up to!

Money Bags

Need your little one to look like a million bucks? Try this high-rolling baby ensemble!

Air Freshener

Finally a totally fresh idea for a costume!


There are only two words for this creative costume: cutie fruity.


We had no idea elephants could be so tiny--or so cute!


We think this would make a great Mummy and daughter costume duo!

Fat Pumpkin

This pumpkin sure stands out from the rest of the patch--totally cute!

Pea Pod

Your munchkin will look like a sweet pea in this, guaranteed!

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