Learn how to make a loveable owl costume.

Owl Costume
Credit: Jami Saunders

What you'll need Brown long-sleeved shirt, brown leggings, paper and pencil, scissors, 5 different colors of felt (enough for 25 or so feathers), hot-glue gun, needle and thread, yarn

Make it:

1. Body: Make a leaf-shaped feather template, and cut out the feathers from the felt. Glue or stitch the top of each feather to the shirt starting with the bottom row and working your way up. Alternate colors so each row has five different colors in a different order. When you get to the neckline, glue or stitch feathers in a circle around the neck.Mask:

2. Make a template for the mask with a piece of paper. From the template, cut the owl mask out of the dark brown felt.

3. Cut two large circles out of the light brown felt for the eyes. Cut out a hole about the size of a 50-cent piece for each eye. Glue or stitch the light brown circles to the dark brown felt.

4. Cut out a yellow-felt triangle for the owl's beak. Stitch or glue the triangle in between the eyes.

5. Make a small slit in either side of the mask. Through each slit, tie a piece of yarn long enough to be tied around the back of the child's head.

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