Learn how to make a friendly lion cub costume.

Lion Cub Costume
Credit: Jami Saunders

What you'll need Brown hooded sweatshirt, sweat pants, 2 shades of brown felt, scissors, hot-glue gun or needle and thread, 10-inches of elastic (or an old headband), yellow yarn, ribbon, cotton batting, dark eye shadow

Make it:

1. Ears: Cut two teardrop shapes out of lighter brown felt. Cut two slightly smaller teardrops using darker shade for inside. Glue together. Pinch base of ear together in the center and add a dot of glue to give the ear its shape. Glue or sew ears to elastic headband.

2. Mane: Cut about five fistfuls of yarn into 4-inch lengths. Knot yarn onto elastic and scrunch together. Continue working all the way around headband. Knot elastic ends. Glue or sew mane onto edge of hood.

3. Tail: Cut a felt rectangle that's about 4"x12". Fold and glue or sew together along the long sides at a slight angle, so the tail comes to a point. Turn inside out to create a tube and stuff with batting. Sew a waist-long piece of ribbon onto the fatter end. Knot together a cluster of leftover yarn, and glue or sew it onto the end of the tail.

4. Smudge eye shadow on the child's nose to complete the look.

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