Kids' Favorite Halloween Costumes

Kids describe their most memorable Halloween get-ups and their dress-up plans for trick-or-treating this year.


-I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I wore the dress and [unk] the purse. -I was candy cane. I had a candy cane body and then it was a hat going like that. -This year I was Annie and I like it. I like the Annie costume. I had the Annie dress and the belt and I have freckles too. My mommy didn't think I should dye my hair red. -I was a ninja last year. It was like a jumper suit and it had these hooks and like a belt where you could put your stuff. -My favorite costume is a Harry Potter. I like the Harry Potter robe and the glasses and I had a wand. -I was a knight for a Halloween and I also had a sword and a cape and a mask and a boots and a sword.

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