Dress-up will be a flutter of fun with this winged outfit seen on the cover of American Baby.

butterfly baby costume
Credit: Grace Haung

What you'll need

  • 1/2 yard of medium-weight black cotton fabric
  • 1/2 yard (or crib size) of wool batting, high loft
  • 18"x18" square of orange wool felt (light and dark)
  • 8"x 10" piece of white wool felt
  • 1/2 yard of black sequin trim, preferably elastic, 1" wide
  • 1/2 yard of Heat'n Bond iron-on adhesive
  • 10" of black Velcro, 1" wide
  • 1 piece of fabric-wrapped wire, about 12" long
  • Fuzzy black yarn
  • 1 black baby bonnet or knit cap
  • 1 black bodysuit in your baby's size
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • Straight pins
  • Iron
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Butterfly-wing template wing includes 1/2" seam allowance

Make it

  1. Cut out three sets of wings, two from the black cotton fabric and one from the wool batting. For each, fold the material in half and place the straight edge of the wing template against the fold of the material. Trace and cut out, creating a double wing. Do not cut through the fold.
  2. Stack the three sets of wings in this order: fabric, fabric, wool batting. Pin around the edge to hold the stack in place.
  3. Sew around the perimeter of the stacked wings, about 1/2" from the edge. Leave about a 6" opening on one side.
  4. Use the opening to turn the wings right side out, so that the batting is sandwiched between the two layers of black cotton fabric. Stitch the opening closed.
  5. With a heated iron, flatten the wings by pressing along the seams.
  6. Following the Heat'n Bond instructions, iron the adhesive onto the three colors of felt.
  7. Trace the shapes of the butterfly's markings from the template onto the side of the felt that has the Heat'n Bond paper backing. To decorate each side of the butterfly wings, you will need two of each marking and two of the mirror image of each marking (flip template over to trace).
  8. Cut out each wing marking.
  9. Following the Heat'n Bond instructions, iron the wing markings onto each side of the wings, following the layout provided in the template.
  10. Sew one side of the Velcro down the middle of the wings. Sew the opposite side onto the back of the bodysuit so the wings will attach to the bodysuit.
  11. Sew three or four rows of sequin trim across the front of the bodysuit, from seam to seam.
  12. To make the antennae, wrap fabric-covered wire with black yarn, creating a mini-yarn ball on either end by wrapping the yarn over itself. Secure with hot glue.
  13. Cut a small slit in the top middle of the cap. Folding the antenna in half, push the fold through the slit so that it sticks through about 1/2". Stitch the slit closed, securing the antennae in place with a few stitches. Hint: Stitching is easier to do when the cap is inside out.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of American Baby magazine.

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