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There's nothing cuter than a kid dressed up for Halloween! We'll help you find the perfect duds for your little ghost, goblin, or superhero this Halloween with our gallery of costume ideas for every age. Browse handmade costume ideas and fun new takes on old classics as well as our editors' favorite store-bought outfits.

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These Crocheted Halloween Costumes Are Almost Too Cool to Let a Kid Wear
After seeing these photos of mom Stephanie Pokorny’s handmade Halloween costumes, we officially want to learn how to crochet.
Ugly Halloween Sweaters Are a Thing - and They're the Ultimate Lazy Costume Idea
Ugly Halloween sweaters are going to change the way you dress up for Halloween.
Disney Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls, Boys, Multiples, and the Whole Family
From classics like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Mary Poppins" to "Frozen" and "Shrek," the whole family can get in on the Disney costume fun this Halloween.
Mom Makes Adorable Pop Culture Costumes for Her Twins—and Then Gives Them Away!
This impressive mama creates costumes for her 8-month-old girls every day. Psst... how does she find the time?!?
How to Paint a Tiger Mask
Here's how to paint your kiddo into a tiger! Follow our step-by-step face painting tutorial to learn how to create this cat masterpiece.
Make a Clown Collar Costume
This vintage-inspired collar is a great addition to baby'€™s clown costume-”and that'€™s no joke!

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Make a Butterfly Tutu Costume
Don'€™t be scared by all of the layers-it'€™s super easy to make this too-cute skirt.
Make a Ringmaster Coat Costume
Upcycle a plain sweatshirt into a kid's coat that'™s ready to take center stage!