Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Thomas the Train
No need to break the bank on kids Halloween costumes this year. These reader-submitted costume ideas are sure to inspire you to craft your own!

Mini Musketeer

Why we love it: Because every little boy wants to be a knight in shining armor!

Do it yourself: Drape your son in some blue fabric to make this Musketeer costume. (Be sure to cut a hole big enough for his head to pop through.) Add a Zoro-style hat and a white feather, and make sure you pick up a plastic sword so he's ready for battle.

Baby Bandit

Why we love it: Because it's the perfect first Halloween costume for a baby that hasn't learned to walk yet (and is a pro at sitting and looking mischievous).

Do it yourself: Dress your baby in a simple black one-piece and cut two holes out of black fabric to make the mask. Fill a white pillowcase with cotton or old newspaper and draw on a big money sign to steal this awesome Halloween idea.

Cute Cowgirl

Why we love it: Because your daughter will be two-stepping as she's trick-or-treating.

Do it yourself: Dress your little one in blue jeans, a bandana, and a whole lot of faux cowhide to bring out her inner cowgirl. For the extra funny factor, braid some yellow yarn into pigtails and glue it onto a headband under her hat.

Where's Waldo?

Why we love it: Because you'll have no trouble spotting this super clever costume in the crowd.

Do it yourself: Grab a red and white striped baby tee and use your eyeliner or kid-safe face paint to draw on some silly spectacles to create this classic character.

Sweet Scuba Diver

Why we love it: Because you've already got everything you need to dive into this DIY costume.

Do it yourself: Get your kid ready for the deep end with an all black outfit and some recycled soda bottles. To make the oxygen tank, insert plastic tubing into the soda bottles and attach the ends to a pacifier.

Construction Worker

Why we love it: Because all your neighbors will be whistling at your little construction guy as he drives by.

Do it yourself: Paint a cardboard box yellow, then embellish with black marker and a printed out license plate. To get this costume off the ground, paint some paper plates black and silver to mimic wheels.

Coffee Cup

Why we love it: Because let's admit it -- we're all addicted to our morning Starbucks.

Do it yourself: Cut off the bottom of a white, plastic garbage can to pay homage to your favorite cup of Joe. Loop some brown ribbon through the handles and your kid can wear this life-sized coffee cup on her shoulders as she goes trick-or-treating.

Golf Pro

Why we love it: Because your baby never looked so dapper.

Do it yourself: Snag all the baby-sized argyle you can find -- vest, socks, buttons, and anything else you can pick up. Add a golfer's cap to top it off.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Why we love it: Because your toddler's already the perfect gnome height!

Do it yourself: Use some red felt to craft this cone-shaped cap for your little garden gnome. Add a magical touch with some fun suspenders and a faux-beard made of cotton or fake fur.

Scarecrow Kid

Why we love it: Because this DIY costume is too clever for someone who wishes they only had a brain.

Do it yourself: Use chenille fringe to act as straw or hay in all the pockets of your kid's overalls. Add a bit more underneath her cap and spilling out of her shoes to make this scarecrow come to life.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Why we love it: Because this costume means your little one has a built-in trick-or-treating buddy.

Do it yourself: Grab a sibling, neighbor, or friend to make these super simple and wacky Cat in the Hat characters. Iron, pin, or sew a white felt circle to an all red ensemble. Use black marker to differentiate Thing 1 from Thing 2, and add a fuzzy blue hat to top it off.

Mario's Mushroom

Why we love it: Because this Nintendo throwback character brings Super Mario back to life.

Do it yourself: Add some red felt circles to a simple shower cap and stuff it with cotton or anything soft and fluffy before putting it on your child's head.

Tin Man

Why we love it: Because this costume's as simple as it gets -- no sewing required.

Do it yourself: Grab some old overalls and have your kid help you sponge paint them sparkly silver. Once dry, add a ticking heart and attach a chinstrap to a funnel to make a hat.

Bunch of Grapes

Why we love it: Because this is one costume that will really pop on Halloween.

Do it yourself: Blow up and attach some purple balloons to your child's outfit -- just enough to look like a bunch of grapes, but not too many that she can't walk! Cut out a leaf shape from green foam and attach it to a headband to finish off the look.

Biker Gang

Why we love it: Because who doesn't love a bad boy on a bike... or a trike?

Do it yourself: Either buy a baby black vinyl vest, or cut your own from a black shirt. Sew on some skull and cross bones patches and add a scary skullcap. Let your little one trike his way through trick-or-treating to get the full biker effect.


Why we love it: Because your kid can feel like a robot without having to stumble around in the usual cardboard box creation all night long.

Do it yourself: Add patches and some reflective safety tape to a silver space age-looking jacket. To add an antenna, attach a book reading light to a knit cap and fit on your child's head.

Thomas the Train

Why we love it: Because what kid wouldn't want to spend Halloween choo-chooing down the street?

Do it yourself: With an old cardboard box and a striped conductor's cap, you can quickly turn your child into his favorite kids' book character. Attach two flashlights in the place of headlights and flip the switch on as soon as it starts to get dark.

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