Learn how to make a life-like mushroom costume.

By Kamila Otcasek
September 06, 2012
Credit: Jami Saunders

What you'll need White clothing, 1"-thick batting ($11 for a 45"x60" roll; amazon.com), red and white wool felt, needle and thread, ribbon or elastic, red face paint

Make it:

1. Cut 2 12" to 14" circles out of batting, then cut out a 2" "pizza" slice from each circle. Close up the gaps with a whip stitch to form wide cones.

2. Repeat with the white and red felt. Cut about 8 2" circles from white felt.

3. Make a sandwich--red felt on top, 2 batting circles in the center, and white felt on the bottom.

4. Sew the red felt to the white felt around the edges, stuffing the batting in tautly as you go.

5. Sew white dots to the red felt.

6. Sew elastic or a pretty ribbon on the underside to tie under the chin.

7. Layer white clothing (shirts, dresses, skirts, scarves, etc.).

8. Cover face with white face paint and add red circles to cheeks.

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